Simple quiz tutorial

Peter Dodič and Tim Vončina (15 year old students from Gimnazija Jurija Vege Idrija) make a video tutorial about how to make a quiz.

Also check out a step by step tutorial from Maj Kristan (15 year old student):

1) At first do the initial screen, where you can present what  the quiz’s theme is with buttons which lead to the next  screens (here the buttons are in the form of the British and Spanish flag). Go to ˝blocks˝ and programme that.


2) Then drag at least 5 buttons and 2 labels into the second screen. You can add components as you wish. One button must be invisible. Then go to the blocks and programme them. When you tap the right button the button ˝next˝ will become visible and you will be able to continue with the next question.

screen2 screen3

3) You can add as many screens as you want, but with too many screens the app might not work smoothly, so make sure that the application will work optimally on a device. 4) Finally, you can add some more options into the screen, so the recipient can retry the quiz or close application. Be patient and you will create a great quiz. screen4

Ta vnos je bil objavljen v Turorials. Zaznamek za trajno povezavo.

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